Rich Cox : Vocal, Guitar

Born : Philadelphia PA

Voice/Guitar at age 12

Listened to Elvis Costello, Marvin Gaye, Beatles, Hall and Oates, U2, and ....Iron Maiden?

Scarpell Voice Institute, Seth Riggs Vocal Method

Toured in Rock Band from 95 - 98

Wrote 2 records with LA Producer Steve Plunkett

Sold 40,000 CDs worldwide.

Several songs placed in T.V., movies, commercials.

Currently performing in and around Philadelphia, New York, D.C.

Some of Rich's songs are currently being recorded and released by European artists, including Poland's "answer to Avril Lavigne", Emi.

Has shared the stage with Bon Jovi, Patti Labelle, Randy Bachman(BTO, Guess Who), Boys II Men... George Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger...

Writes, sings, produces, records, performs